Sites we find handy and inspirational

Food and Drug Administration (US) - Official Site FDA
European Medicines Agency (EU) - Official Site EMA

Product Development:
PDMA Dictionnary for New Product Development
Service Systems Management & Engineering - eBook
Democratizing Innovation - eBook
Le Lieu du Design - Official Site

Participative Management - Book Suggestion
Humanistic Management by Teamwork - eBook
Project Management Body of Knowledge - PMBoK

Lean Six Sigma:
Introduction to Lean 6 Sigma - On wikipedia
Six Sigma - SPC & TQM in Manufacturing and Services - eBook

Sites we develop

LimeStreams customers' testimony on YouTube (short video)
LimeStreams on Google
LimeStreams on LinkedIn
LimeStreams, the Blog
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LimeStreams on Facebook 
LimeStreams Group Introduction 
LimeStreams on YouTube (30 second video)

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